Making Your Final College Decision

"You may feel as if everything depends on which colleges admit you, or whether a certain one does. After years of experience, however, here is what I know, virtually to the point of certainty: almost nothing depends on exactly which strong college admits you....

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ED 101: Understanding Application Options

Should I apply Early Decision to increase my admissions chances? Many questions about the “Earlies” have been coming into The Coach’s inbox, with seniors wanting to understand their application options and make decisions based on their best interest. We make it a...

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College Application Boot Camp

Attention Class of 2017! The countdown to college application deadlines is on: The Coach has updated our College Application Boot Camp for 2016 - where you'll learn how to manage key application components and requirements, plus discover The Coach's advice for putting...

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Organizing The College Application Process

Organization is key for college application success! By far, fall of senior year is the busiest (and most important) phase of your high school career. Before the "fun" of tests, projects and essays of the school year begins, take the time now to organize your...

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