ACC offers affordable and comprehensive coaching packages for navigating the college admissions and application process. ACC Coaches work with students and their families on all aspects of college planning, including: campus visits, major selection, college list building, SAT/ACT testing strategy, counselor brag sheets, teacher recommendations, the Common App & unique application completion, essays/personal statement, mock interviewing, scholarships, financial aid offer interpretation and making the final decision.

Package selection depends upon the current grade level and college planning needs of the student. Each college coaching session is one (1) hour and takes place via Zoom Video Conferencing. Virtual meetings are supplemented by additional support services, including emails and telephone calls with your Coach. Our services are customized to meet the client’s needs based on the coach’s observations, parent’s input and student’s self-analysis.

Coaching Agreement Details

  • Client is responsible for consistently making appointments on ACC electronic calendar in order to professionally complete all elements of their applications.
  • If necessary, client will cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance. With the exception of emergency situations, failure to do so will result in the session being forfeited.
  • All client information and coaching records are confidential and will not be shared with any individual not affiliated with ACC.
  • Coaches support students with applications and essays but do not directly edit them.
  • ACC does not influence admissions decisions nor guarantee acceptance to any particular college.


  • Focused on student’s career exploration, college search, applications & essays
  • Ten (10) one-hour sessions with your college coach.
  • Support with up to 12 college applications and 24 essays.
  • Support with scholarship and enrichment program applications are an additional fee.
  • Focused on student’s long-term personal growth, career exploration, college search, applications & essays
  • Unlimited one-hour sessions with your college coach.
  • Unlimited support with applications and essays.
  • Unlimited support with scholarship and enrichment program applications.


  • Focused on developing high quality college applications & essays
  • Six (6) one-hour sessions with your college coach.
  • Support with up to 8 college applications and 12 essays
  • Support with scholarship and enrichment program applications are an additional fee


    • Support successful high school transition
    • Self-exploration – administer, score, and review personality assessments
    • Personal growth (self/time management, resilience, goal setting, decision making)
    • Extracurricular activities (service/leadership)


    • Career exploration – administer, score, and review career assessments
    • College visits/research
    • SAT/ACT testing strategy
    • Develop faculty and counselor relationships


    • College list building – administer, score, and review college match assessments
    • Identify college major – link with college/career interests
    • Complete SAT/ACT testing
    • College visits/research
    • Assess strengths and weaknesses in application profile
    • Business internships or research positions in labs


    • Application support & strategy
    • Strategize all essay prompts and revise multiple drafts
    • Interview preparation
    • Counsel for institution and private scholarships
    • Support with financial aid documents
    • Assistance with final college decision