“You may feel as if everything depends on which colleges admit you, or whether a certain one does. After years of experience, however, here is what I know, virtually to the point of certainty: almost nothing depends on exactly which strong college admits you. Everything depends on what you decide to do once you get to a strong college, and how well prepared you are to take advantage of the infinite opportunities you will find there.”
~ Jeffrey Brenzel, Former Yale Dean of Admissions

The finish line of the college process is in sight for our senior clients! May 1st is National College Decision Day and the deadline for seniors to accept one school’s offer of admission and submit your deposit.

Here are The Coach’s suggestions on what to do over the next few weeks:

✓ Attend Admitted Student Days
✓ Carefully weigh your options – with the help of parents, your coach and others on your support team. Use the College Decision Matrix as a tool to objectively compare your prospective schools, according to the criteria that is most important to you.
✓ Compare Financial Aid Packages – Award Letter Comparison Tool
✓ Create an action plan to improve your chances of being admitted from a Wait-list (if necessary)
✓ Decline admission offers – notify colleges of your intent not to attend. This is a courtesy not only to the college, but also for students hoping to be admitted from a school’s wait list

For more – check out The Coach’s College Planning Playbook Presentations: Making Your Final Decision & Wait-List/Deferrals