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“Although we knew our daughter had the SAT and GPA to gain admission to Penn, we knew the odds for acceptance were low. Your help in finding her passion and getting her to express it through her essays and interviews made all the difference. However, most importantly you helped her better understand herself, select a major that matched her personality and aptitude and gave her the confidence to believe she could achieve this goal. We are forever thankful.”

Lisa P.

“Looking back 18 months I would never have imagine the college choices available to our son. His confidence is soaring and he can’t wait to complete his visits and make the final choice. He moved from not caring where he went to having a well-researched list of colleges, a defined major and a career path. My husband and I are amazed at his growth and continued motivation. Thanks for helping him discover his potential.”

Bryan C.

“Getting into her ‘reach school’ was such a highlight for her. I’ll always remember the look on her face when she learned of her early decision acceptance. The months of driving her back and forth to your office, the nights of re-writing essays after office sessions to improve her tone, passion and clarity. All of the hard work and dedication paid off. Thanks for the inspiration.”

Carrie H.

“My son was a first generation US college applicant. My wife and I graduated from US graduate schools, however, were unfamiliar with undergraduate admission processes in the US. We were very thankful to our friends who referred us to ACC. The coaches at ACC made us a part of the process while allowing our son to safely take the lead on college list, majors, essays, deadlines and final applications. Our son found the perfect school for his major, musical interests and social connects. This was a great experience for the entire family.”

Jose M.

“Thanks for making the college process work for our family. You were right our emotional connect to our son caused us to view things too personally. His response to you prompts, motivational discussions and strategy were always well received. Once we backed off hounding him he took ownership and responsibility to stay on track and complete all his applications on time. The stress level at our house has been eliminated and replaced with joy in receiving an acceptance to his first choice school.”

Ryan G.

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