• Ten (10) one-hour sessions with your college coach
  • Focused on college list building and career/major exploration
  • Unlimited number of sessions with your college coach
  • Focused on student’s long-term personal growth
  • Includes all components of the Jr/Sr & Express Packages
  • Six (6) one-hour sessions with your college coach
  • Focused on developing high quality college applications
  • Package selection depends upon the current grade level and college planning needs of the student.
  • Coaching sessions are customized to meet the client’s needs based on the coach’s observations, parent’s input and student’s self-analysis.
  • Each college coaching session is one (1) hour and takes place at the ACC Office.
  • In-person meetings are supplemented by electronic support services, including emails and telephone calls.
  • Service packages are value priced, giving you the highest level of support at the lowest price. Contact us for the best option for your needs and budget.


    • Support successful high school transition
    • Self-exploration – administer, score, and review personality assessments
    • Personal growth (self/time management, resilience, goal setting, decision making)
    • Extracurricular activities (service/leadership)


    • Career exploration – administer, score, and review career assessments
    • College visits/research
    • SAT/ACT testing strategy
    • Develop faculty and counselor relationships


    • College list building – administer, score, and review college match assessments
    • Identify college major – link with college/career interests
    • Complete SAT/ACT testing
    • College visits/research
    • Assess strengths and weaknesses in application profile
    • Business internships or research positions in labs


    • Application support & strategy
    • Strategize all essay prompts and revise multiple drafts
    • Interview preparation
    • Counsel for institution and private scholarships
    • Support with financial aid documents
    • Assistance with final college decision