Organization is key for college application success!

By far, fall of senior year is the busiest (and most important) phase of your high school career. Before the “fun” of tests, projects and essays of the school year begins, take the time now to organize your application deadlines and requirements. The Coach strongly┬árecommends creating a master college application spreadsheet to keep track of your progress. Feel free to make your own copy of┬áthe ACC College Application Master Spreadsheet.

Another resource from The Coach to utilize is our Calendar of college-related dates.

Here is a list of important dates for seniors to be aware of:

  • Sept 1: SAT Registration Deadline
  • Sept. 10: ACT
  • Sept. 16: ACT Registration Deadline
  • Oct. 1: FAFSA & CSS Profile available
  • Oct. 1: SAT
  • Oct. 7: SAT Registration Deadline
  • Oct. 15: EA Deadline (GTech, UNC)
  • Oct. 22: ACT
  • Nov. 1: EA/ED Deadline
  • Nov. 15: EA/ED Deadline
  • Dec. 1: Rutgers Deadline
  • Jan. 1: RD Deadline
  • May 1: Decision/Commitment Day