Exploring College Options – Virtual Events The Next 3 Nights

Exploring College Options – Virtual Events The Next 3 Nights

Exploring College Options is a special informational program sponsored by the undergraduate admissions offices of five of the country’s leading universities: Duke University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University.

Dates & Times:

  • Sunday, September 19, 6 PM
  • Monday, September 20, 7 PM
  • Tuesday, September 21, 7 PM


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Summer Planning Guide

Summer Planning Guide

Countdown to Summer 2020








Happy New Year ACC Clients! While the summer of 2020 may seem far away, the time is now for high school students to begin exploring opportunities as many of the competitive programs have upcoming deadlines. To help with your search, The Coach has created a new resource for our website featuring a wide-ranging list of potential activities for teens.

Summer breaks during high school are an invaluable opportunity to explore your interests, develop skills and build relationships through new experiences … with the “added bonus” of enhancing your resume. During your winter coaching sessions, we’ll be working with you to develop a plan for the summer that is interesting, challenging and personally rewarding.

Visit academycollegecoaches.com/programs
to start planning your summer today!

Dr. Jensen’s Biology Academy

Dr. Jensen’s Biology Academy

Dr. Danielle Jensen Video Presentation


Watch the video below to meet Dr. Danielle Jensen, the newest member of the ACC Team who will be offering a biology class this summer, as well as personalized tutoring for AP & SAT Subject Tests.

Please visit academybiologycoaches.com for more information!

Summer Biology Academy For Middle School Students

Summer Biology Academy For Middle School Students

You’re invited to join us for a free 40 minute online discussion highlighting the importance of utilizing the summer to jump start success within a rigorous high school science curriculum.

➤ Who: Dr. Danielle Jensen, Biotechnology High School Biology Teacher and Researcher, will lead this discussion.

➤ What: Identify the benefits of summer training in biology. Learn why students who prepare over the summer are more confident and curious learners. Your middle schooler will thank you with increased performance and curiosity of the life sciences.

➤ Where: Your study or living room. This session is offered electronically through Zoom Video Communications.

➤ When: Tuesday July 2, 2019 at 7:00 pm

➤ Why: Middle school students often flounder entering high school sciences due to increased difficulty and higher expectations. Students who prepare in July and August enter high school confident and ready to succeed.

➤ How: To register, please visit: academybiologycoaches.com

Dr. Danielle Jensen is a teacher of International Baccalaureate Biology and Research at Biotechnology High School. She holds an undergraduate and masters degree in molecular biology and a doctorate in education and has over 18 years of biology teaching and tutoring experience. Our talented Dr. Jensen will be offering this biology preparation course for students entering their first year of high school biology. She will also be available for AP Biology and SAT II Biology (Ecological and Molecular) tutoring for complete college preparation.

Can’t attend our webinar? Contact Dr. Danielle Jensen at biologyteachernj@gmail.com

We look forward to empowering your child to pursue the STEM college major and future career of their dreams.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Splash Down On Princeton University

Splash Down On Princeton University

Learn & Explore at Princeton University!

What: Attend classes on a wide-range of topics, instructed by Princeton undergraduate students

When: Saturday April 21th, 10:00am-5:00pm

Who: Students in grades 9-12

Cost: $10

Where: Princeton University


Visit princeton.learningu.org to learn more & register!

2018-19 Governor’s STEM Scholars

2018-19 Governor’s STEM Scholars

Founded in 2013, the Governor’s STEM Scholars Program is a statewide STEM education initiative for New Jersey students in grades 10 through the PhD level. The heart of the Governor’s STEM Scholars is four themed conferences that aim to mentor, educate, and inspire our scholars by introducing them to accomplished STEM professionals and successful STEM companies, academic institutions, and government research organizations.



To learn more + apply, visit govstemscholars.com