A New Resource Available to ACC Clients!

Dear Seniors,

In an effort to help you organize your college application essays, The Coach has compiled the writing prompts and requirements for dozens of the most applied to colleges in the country.

In the spreadsheet, simply click on the name of any school that you’re applying to and a View Only Google Document with the school’s essay prompts will open. Once you have the document opened, click on “File” then “Make a Copy” and rename the document in the following format:

“Student’s Last Name, First Name – (Name of College)”
Example: Jones, Thomas – Columbia

When you have a draft of an essay ready for review, share the document with academies3@gmail.com and allow for editing privileges.

Please note: in order to receive feedback on a specific essay draft, you must send an email to academies3@gmail.com . This can be easily done within each shared Google Doc, by clicking on File, “Email Collaborators.”

Let us know if you have any questions on how to manage your college essays through Google Documents.

Happy Writing!!


Larry Winters
ACC President